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St. Louis Park is a large, first-ring suburb of. Although relatively smaller than some other suburbs, with only about 10 square miles of land in the city, St. Louis Park is to a number of lakes and over 50 parks. These recreational amenities, in addition to its convenient location right next to, are just some of the reasons over 44,000 people call home.

St Louis Park Minnesota Real Estate For Sale

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St. Louis’ location is beautiful and hard to beat, even by some of’ lake areas. The city is to a total of 51 parks—more than any other suburb of its size. In fact, St. Louis Park has over 700 acres devoted to parkland, comprising 11.5% of the city’s total area. That total—over 10% of the city’s land devoted to parkland and open spaces—is unbeatable by almost any other suburb. The city also boasts a number of trails and walkways that wrap around its parks and lakes. Trails venture throughout the Chain of the Lakes and through other cities, making biking, jogging, and walking easy and enjoyable in.

St. Louis Park is also to a number of lakes and ponds, including Westwood Lake, Bass Lake, Hannan Lake, Meadowbrook Lake, Cobble Crest Lake, Cedar Manor Lake,Victoria Lake, and Twin Lakes. In addition to these lakes, the Minnehaha Creek flows through southwest and south, adding to the already overflowing natural beauty of the area. Perhaps the city’s natural beauty is why 97% of residents rated the quality of life in as “excellent” or “good.”