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Wayzata is a beautiful city located along the northwest shoreline of Lake. With a beautiful view of Lake, Wayzata could be said to be in the perfect location of Minnesota and suburbs—close, but not too close, to the city, right along Lake and between a number of other lakes, in a developed area with close conveniences. Because of its unique combination of convenience and natural beauty, Wayzata is to some of the most popular and most highly valued houses and properties in the Twin Cities.

Wayzata Minnesota For Sale

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Wayzata features miles of shoreline among many naturally beautiful lakes. The city is close to Lake, Gleason Lake, Parkers Lake, and, most prominently, Lake. The city of is primarily located along the shoreline of Bay, though it also features access to the more secluded Grays Bay and the open Browns Bay. And unlike many other suburbs along Lake, much of the shoreline along Lake is not residential, but commercial. Thus many restaurants and other venues are located right along the lake, allowing residents of unparalleled dining experiences and wonderful shopping experiences in’s beautiful downtown area. Of course, in addition to the commercial Lake shoreline, there is much Lake shoreline that is residential, making buying a on Lake in easy and available to buyers looking for a beautiful lake in one of the Twin Cities’ best suburbs. Residents who forego buying a directly on the shoreline can enjoy’s public parks and beaches, making the lakeside lifestyle of available to all its residents.

In addition to the city’s beautiful lakes and picturesque shoreline views, the city also has a rich history that enhances the atmosphere of the city. The Mdewakanton Dakota Indians, a division of the Sioux nation, who originally inhabited the area, valued its beautiful lakes and lands for the rich hunting and fishing it afforded. The area was soon claimed by French explorers, but was sold to the United States as part of the Louisiana Purchase of 1803. For decades, the closest American Settlement was at Fort Snelling, in modern day. In 1851, the Treaty of Traverse des Sioux enabled settlement of northern areas, and soon was settled and named.