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Victoria is a small city on the outer ring of suburbs. Although is small, it is one of the most popular places to buy a, as it has been rapidly growing as the suburbs of Minnesota have expanded. What is it that makes such a popular place to buy a?

It could be the parks. Victoria, despite being small, is to 18 parks, including the expansive Park Reserve. The city, despite being only 8.5 square miles of property, has over three square miles of parkland within the city—over a third of the city’s property is public parkland. Thus, the open space and recreational opportunities afforded by the city can hardly be beaten anywhere else in the Twin Cities, even by some of’ largest suburbs.

Victoria Minnesota Real Estate For Sale

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The Parks and Recreation Department’s 18 parks and reserve feature ten playgrounds, three areas with basketball courts, two places with volleyball courts, three spots with tennis courts, two spots with soccer fields, two parks with gyms, one skate park, a number of picnic tables and amenities, and three parks to lakeside property and shoreline. In addition to these parks, the city also maintains a recreation center with a full gym, an ice rink for community hockey leagues and for ice-skating, a fitness center, and more. And on top of all these amenities, the city is also to many miles of trails through the city’s woodlands and parks, perfect for walking, jogging, and biking. Thus the city’s large amenities draw many people looking to buy a—because other cities find it hard to compete with’s three-square miles of parkland.