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Spring Park is a small, residential town located entirely on Lake. The town is notable for its small-town charm and especially its lakeside and miles of shoreline.

Spring Park’s most distinguishing feature is its shoreline. The town is nestled along the shores of Lake, surrounded by the lake’s West Arm Bay, Spring Park Bay, and Black Lake. While the city is rather small, with only less than half a square mile of total area, the city features over four miles of shoreline. Thus the city gives almost unparalleled access to lakeshore and lakeside property. A number of a lake homes and cabins are available to buy on’s beautiful lakeshore. In addition to its access to Lake’s West Arm, Black Lake, and Bay, the nearby towns of and Beach afford access to Bay, Lafayette Bay, Carman Bay, Phelps Bay, Cooks Bay, Harrison Bay, Jennings Bay, as well as Langdon Lake and Dutch Lake—and all theses bays and lakes are within walking distance from any house or!

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The abundance of lakes and lakeshore property enables the unique lakeside recreational lifestyle of Lake residents. Swimming, boating, fishing, water skiing, and more are available every summer, and skating and ice fishing are available every winter as Lake freezes over.