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Shorewood is a small town right along beautiful Lake, located about 14 miles from. Originally part of the Township, Shorewood broke off and became a primarily residential area with an abundance of beautiful lakeshore property and lakeside. Residents will enjoy its small-town charm and the recreational and entertainment venues in nearby, Deephaven and, as well as. Shorewood’s location, right on Lake and surrounded on its other side by a number of lakes, makes it an ideal place to buy a.

Shorewood Minnesota For Sale

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Perhaps’s most distinctive feature is its beautiful lake access and abundant lakeshore. Shorewood wraps around a large part of Lake and its beautiful resort areas, including Saint Louis Bay, Carson bay, the Lower Lake, Excelsior Bay, and Saint Albans Bay. Many other residents nearby will find lakeside homes on Christmas Lake, Silver Lake, or Galpin Lake. With all lakes accounted for, the city boasts over 8.1 square miles of water, totaling over 60% of the city’s whole area. Thus, while the city is relatively small to other, larger suburbs, being only roughly 13 total square miles in area, it has more lake area than almost any other suburb in.

The abundance of lakeshore property and lakeside makes buying a lake and enjoying Minnesotan lake life very easy in. The beautiful lake area has historically ensured’s continued existence as primarily residential. Thus each in enjoys, on average, over three acres to itself, meaning buying a in is buying peace, security, and independence.