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Located 23 miles southwest of right alongside the Minnesota River, Shakopee is a large suburb bustling with excitement and full of history. Its location on’ outer ring of suburbs gives it the peace and safety of suburban life, but its proximity to highways 169 and 101 have spurred the growth of its own downtown area, as well as providing residents of with a quick drive to. Shakopee’s mixture of outer suburban peace and rapidly developing excitement, make it a wonderful place to buy a.

Shakopee Minnesota Real Estate For Sale

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Shakopee consists of about 35,000 residents spread out across 28 square miles, making it one of’ larger suburbs. The Minnesota River flows right through, making the valley and its surrounding land even more lush and green than the rest of and Twin Cities suburbs. In addition to the Minnesota River, Shakopee is to a number of lakes, including Lake, Grass Lake, Blue Lake, Deans Lake, Fisher Lake, and O’Dowd Lake. Thus, if you’re looking to buy a lake or to buy lakeshore, Shakopee is a wonderful place to buy a. In total, the city’s water comprises over 1.5 square miles of the city’s area, making a naturally beautiful place to call.

Shakopee’s rich history also makes it stand out from other Minnesota suburbs. The town is littered with prehistoric Indian burial mounds along the Minnesota River bluff. In the 18th century, Mdewakanton Dakota Indians migrated from Mille Lacs Lake and continued the tradition of building burial mounds along the river. Those Mdewakanton Dakota were led by their chief, Chief, who was given his name when his wife birthed sextuplets—Shakopee meaning “the six.” Chief died in 1827 at Fort Snelling. In 1851, the Dakota nation ceded their land, and in 1851 through 1854, travelers settled and trading posts were built in the newly formed city of. The village remained largely a quiet farming community until the construction of major highways in the 1960’s, when’s downtown area began to grow. Today, Shakopee is the crown seat of Scott County, one of the fastest growing counties in the United States.