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Located 15 miles west of right alongside the northern edge of Lake, Orono is a beautiful lakeside city. Well over a third of the city’s total area—25 square miles—consists entirely of lakes and lakeshore property, making it an ideal place to buy a for anyone looking to buy a lakehome.

Orono Minnesota Real Estate For Sale

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Despite its beautiful resort location, Orono is a relatively smaller city, with under 8,000 residents and under 3,000 households. As the city is primarily residential, Orono’s focus on residential area ensures each’s privacy, peace, and independence. The city council historically maintained and continues to maintain its natural beauty, with preserves and parks preserving the natural open spaces and wetlands of. Orono residents seeking nearby entertainment or restaurants find it easily at nearby’s Boulevard and’s downtown area for shopping, restaurants, and entertainment venues. And’s seclusion from these busy and bustling areas ensure the privacy and peace of homes.

The city also has a rich history. Initially inhabited by the Dakota Indians of the area, the lakeside area was first settled around 1860 as a small village of only a few families. By the turn of the century, the Township had grown to a population of 600. The popularity of Lake as a resort area along the Great Northern Railroad and the beauty of’s natural lakeside property caused increased growth—by 1950, the was officially inducted as a city with just under 5,000 people. As Minnesota’s suburbs began their rapid expansion in the 1960’s with the addition of highway 494 and the construction of major shopping areas, Orono was reserved for residential living, and quietly expanded. Today, the population remains stably and slowly growing, now with just under 8,000 residents.