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Located right on, in, and around Lake, northwest of the lake, Mound is a lake-surrounded city full of Minnesota lake life. The city offers a bustling downtown area and a strong sense of community history, as well as a small town charm and a lifetime of lake activities.

Mound Minnesota Real Estate For Sale

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The city’s most distinctive mark is its lakes. The city itself is surrounded by Dutch Lake, Lake Langdon, Seton Lake, and Black Lake, as well as Harrison Bay, Spring Park Bay, Cooks Bay, and Priest Bay of Lake. If that seems like a lot of lakeshore and lakeside property for one city, that is because over 40% of the city’s five square miles of property are entirely water, giving the city over two full square miles of water. The city has an unparalleled 17 miles of lakeshore property, with 11 of those miles of lakeshore property right on Lake. The city itself is estimated to have over 1,000 docks and even more boats, and there is plenty of room on public docks, with 144 public dock sites, as well as 167 public sites on common lakeshore property, offering a lakeshore lifestyle for even those without lakeshore property right on one of’s many lakes. So buying a or in guarantees a lifetime of access to Lake’s lakeside lifestyle.