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Minnetrista lies on the outer edge of Hennepin County and on the edge of suburbs, offering a unique mix between suburban and rural life. The city is rather large and sparse—the average household owns over 13 acres of land, and the city still maintains an active agricultural community. The city is itself situated on and around a number of lakes, including a number of bays on Lake. Thus, the city’s unique combination of peaceful rural life, comfortable suburban life, and lakeside make buying a in a wonderful experience.

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Minnetrista’s lakes are abundant and ubiquitous—within the city’s limits, there are an unimaginable five square miles of water. That abundance of water—over 15% of the city’s total area—enables a wide range of lakeside property, lakeshore, cabins, and lakehomes for those interested in buying a on a lake. Other residents can enjoy the views and beautiful scenery provided by the cities many lakes, including Whitetail Lake, Little, Mud Lake, Ox Yoke Lake, Saunders Lake, as well as a number of bays right on Lake. And among the city’s 19 lakes, there is a public boat access to Whitetail Lake, to Saunders Lake, to Little, and to three points on Lake: on Phelps Bay, on Halstead Bay, and at Kings. Thus, any owner of real estate, whether they own lakeside or not, can enjoy the lakeside lifestyle of Lake and the surrounding lakes.