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Home to Lake and the source and a large portion of Minnehaha Creek, as well as wetlands, prairies, forests, and a total of 44 community parks, Minnetonka is almost a geographical paradise. Located just eight miles west of, Minnetonka offers an unparalleled suburban experience: its convenient location close to the city enables residents to enjoy all the offerings of the city, and its geography, with its parks, rivers, prairies, forests, wetlands, and with Lake and the lakeside property and lakeshore that goes along with it enable residents to enjoy one of Minnesota’s most diverse and most scenic locations.

Minnetonka Minnesota For Sale

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Lake stretches out into west, rounding out northwest with Grays Bay, a large bay near. Grays Bay forms the source and outlet of the Minnehaha Creek, which then winds through east and south, eventually carving into the Mississippi river. In addition to Lake, its shoreline, and its lakeside, and in addition to Minnehaha Creek, Minnetonka is to a number of other lakes, ponds, and wetlands. In total, water, rivers, lakes, and lakeshore property make up over a full square mile of the city’s total area. The city is also to two public beaches, both of which are maintained by’s park and recreation services.