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The Village of Beach is a boot-shaped peninsula located right on and in the middle of Lake. As a village, it is very small, but it offers some of the best, most luxurious in all of Minnesota. The majority of Beach is lakeside property and lakeshore; thus, Minnetonka Beach homes are often luxury homes and offer an unparalleled degree of peace, privacy, and luxury.

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Minnetonka Beach, as only a small village, has a modest population of only 614 people in 215 households. Thus, the town maintains a village-like atmosphere and ambiance. The city itself is rather small in terms of total area as well—the total area of the entire city is barely half a square mile. But with a total of 215 homes in the city, the average homeowner owns over one and a half acres of lakeside, making the city a paradise for anyone looking to buy a luxury in Minnesota or looking for luxury housing on Lake. Minnetonka Beach is to a number of historic homes on Lake, with a variety of distinctive homes and historic mansions. Because the city is entirely residential, with the exception of the Lafayette Club and St. Martin’s Church, Minnetonka Beach can offer a variety of luxury housing and lakeside on Lake.