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Medina is an outer suburb north of Lake and west of, making real estate notable for its independence, tranquility and remote suburban location. Despite being a rather large suburb—there are 27 total square miles of property—Medina is to only 4,000 people, giving it a comparatively small population density. Medina’s uniquely sparse layout makes it stand out from other suburbs: its sparse population makes it an ideal location for those seeking the quiet serenity and open space of Minnesota lakeside without sacrificing location—Medina’s convenient location is only a few miles from the shopping centers of Twin Cities suburbs and the excitement of downtown.

Medina Minnesota Real Estate For Sale

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Medina’s stands apart from the rest of Minnesota and other suburban in that real estate offers a level of privacy and independence to which other suburbs cannot even compare. With a total of almost 18,000 acres in the city of, only 4,000 residents, and only 1,300 households, the average homeowner can own over thirteen acres to him or herself—a level of privacy to which other suburbs cannot even compare.