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Maple Plain is a remote, peaceful, small suburb west of. With a total area of just over one square mile and just over 2,000 residents in under 800 houses, Maple Plain’s tightly-knit community and small-town charm, as well as its sense of identity and beautiful location among the rich maple trees and creeks of this northwest suburb.

Maple Plain is located a little over 20 miles and a little under a half-hour drive from, making it one of the Twin Cities’ more remote suburbs. Its location secures its small-town charm and serenity among the city’s rich wooded, natural areas. Its location tucked away behind and near Lake’s beautiful shoreline and lakeside also ensures its safety and peace.

Maple Plain Minnesota Real Estate For Sale

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The city’s sense of community also has brought about a wealth of knowledge about its rich history. Originally settled in 1854 for its serene sugar maples, its forests, and its proximity to Lake, it grew through the 1860’s as multiple railroads began running through the city. The city became an official village in 1912. Village water did not come to homes until 1939, and in 1950, the city established its first sewer. As recently as the 1960’s, the city was still without blacktop roads. As the Twin Cities rapidly developed its suburban areas since the 1960’s, with shopping malls, city development, and general expansion, Maple Plain largely retained its small town charm and community. Today, development has enabled the residents and homeowners of to enjoy all the modern conveniences and amenities of first-ring suburbs without the noise and crime and population density of the more densely-populated, inner-ring suburbs.