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Buying a in not only means buying prime lakeshore and lakeside, but also buying a in one of the friendliest, safest, and most peaceful small towns in the Twin Cities suburbs.

Long Lake is located west of real estate and east of real estate, situating itself north of Lake, right alongside the lake from which the city derives its namesake. The city itself is rather small, with a total area of only one square mile and under 2,000 residents and 750 households. The city’s small size ensures the safety and serenity as well as the charm and community of small town, but for such a small town, it also has a lot to offer in terms of nearby recreation and entertainment.

Long Lake Minnesota Real Estate For Sale

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The City of maintains a number of public amenities, including a total of four parks in the small city. Nelson Lakeside Park features a public beach, a fishing pier, canoeing, picnic tables, and a playground. The city’s other three parks—Hardin Park, Holbrook Park, and Dexter Park—each feature playgrounds, picnic tables, basketball courts, tennis courts, a softball field, and walking trails. In the winter, Holbrook Park opens its warming and ice rinks for ice-skating and hockey. Buying a in means a lifetime of access to these various amenities and recreational facilities for free.

But more than just parks, the city of has much to offer in terms of lakeside and lakeshore. Whether you’re looking for a lakehome, lakehouse, or cabin, Long Lake has plenty to offer. Over 10% of the city’s total area and is water, making plenty of room for those who wish to live in serenity and privacy in a small-town setting on a lake. The town’s setting makes it a great place to live: Minneapolis is only a 20-minute drive, being less than 15 miles away.