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Edina has long been one of the most popular places to buy a in the suburbs, and today is famously the and property of choice of a number of millionaires—and even a few billionaires, including Richard M. Schulze and the late Carl Pohlad. But while is to a number of the very affluent, Edina offers a wide variety of prices that enable many families to find an affordable and buy real estate.

Edina Minnesota For Sale

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What makes the suburb of choice for anyone looking to buy a in the Twin Cities? For many, it could be the location. Everyone in the business knows and follows the mantra: “Location, location, location”—and seems to follow it as well. Edina is a first-ring suburb of, and is conveniently close to a number of major highways, making a short commute for almost all residents of. Edina’s proximity to the Twin Cities also enables its convenient public transportation system, which allows easy, fast, and cheap access to the city. And while it is only minutes away from downtown, Edina undoubtedly retains the peace, comfort, privacy, and low crime rates of suburban life.

Edina is also a fantastic shopping area. Edina has its own shopping mall—the Southdale center—which was the Twin Cities first mall. And the shopping continues along France Avenue up to the Champs Élysées style 50th and France area. And if that weren’t enough for shoppers, Edina is conveniently close to the Mall of America—America’s largest shopping mall.

But has far more to offer than its convenient location and shopping: Edina is one of the Twin Cities best locations for recreation. Despite being smaller than other suburbs, with a total area of 16 square miles, Edina is to a grand total of 44 parks. In addition to that huge number of parks, Edina features miles of trails for leisurely walks, jogs, and bike rides. In addition to its countless parks and trails, the city also is to a number of other recreational amenities, including a number of golf courses, an ice rink for skating and other winter activities, the Art Center, and the Aquatic center.