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Buying a in means buying with genuine small-town feel right next to the beautiful shorelines of Lake. Although is only two-and-a-half square miles in total area—one-tenth of a square mile being lakes, lakeshore, and lakeside—the city brings much more to offer than homes and houses for sale. Deephaven’s ideal location, right on Lake and conveniently only sixteen miles from, along with its small-town friendliness and serene privacy, make choosing a home for sale not only a top choice of location but also a top choice of community.

Deephaven For Sale

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Deephaven homes for sale situate themselves near or on one of three tranquil, private bays of Lake: Carson Bay, Saint Louis Bay and Robinson Bay. In addition to’s lakehome and lakehouse along the lakeshore, Deephaven is to a number of lakes as well, including Lake Louise and Lake Marion, making the available lakefront property in abundant.

In addition to private lakeshore and lakeside property, Deephaven is to a number of outdoor recreational activities, including a total of six public beaches as well as a number of neighborhood parks and public trails. The city has a thriving boating culture, as the of the Yacht Club since 1882, steeping the city not only in a thrilling boating atmosphere, but also in a rich history.