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Why buy a in? Cottonwood is a small subsidiary neighborhood within the city of, and it offers unparalleled privacy in an intimate, closed setting within a beautiful neighborhood right on the shores of Lake. As the neighborhood consists entirely of the peninsula of land jutting out onto Lake, the neighborhood consists largely of lake homes, lake houses, lakeside, and shoreline property, as well as the beautiful and private homes and houses between opposite shorelines of the peninsula.

In addition to providing all the local amenities of the city of, including their top-quality parks, lakes, and recreational services, which include six public beach areas, as well as providing close access to the wonderful local schools, both public and private, the peninsula looks right out to Lake’s beautiful and enigmatic Big Island Regional Park. The public park is located on and consisting entirely of Lake’s largest island. The park, as a nature preserve, is concerned in keeping the park in its natural condition as well as possible; thus, nature lovers will enjoy the island’s many birds, animals, and plants that call the island. Informal hiking trails enable beautiful vistas of the Lake, and overnight camping is available.

Cottonwood Minnesota Real Estate For Sale

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