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Savage is a rapidly-growing exurb to low-cost land in the beautiful Minnesota River valley. With a school district ranked in the top ten in the state, beautiful riverside homes and lakefront property, a short distance from the Twin Cities (just 15 miles from downtown), the city is rapidly becoming one of the number one places to buy a. The city is rich in history, as the river valley and its surrounding plains were the original of the Mdewakanton Dakota Indians. That historic sense remains with the community today. Though the city is one of the larger suburbs in Minnesota, currently ranked as the 16th largest city in Minnesota, it is one of the newer suburbs in the-St. Paul area. Homeowners in the area take pride in their community, in their city’s history, its abundant parkland and natural beauty, and in the city’s robust economy. Thus Buying a in means buying a bit of history on a beautiful stretch of land in the Minnesota River Valley, all for a very comparatively low price tag.

Savage Minnesota Real Estate For Sale

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Savage’s history dates as far back as any suburb of or, as and its surrounding area was originally explored and used by French fur traders as far back as the 1600’s. The area was settled by the Dakota after 1750 near Black Dog Lake in neighboring. The area continued to be used by the Dakota for the next 100 or more years for hunting, fishing, and for its water resources. In 1850, Savage’s access to the Minnesota River and to Credit River made it a major spot for traders. Over the next century, while the rest of the Twin Cities developed into a major urban and suburban center, Savage persistently held on to its rural character. In fact, it wasn’t until the 1980’s that began to see a major suburban boom. Today, the suburb still maintains its riverside beauty and rural small-town charm, yet blends that character with modern suburban convenience.