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If you’re looking to buy a lakehome or to buy lakesides property in the suburbs of the Twin Cities, it’s hard to beat. With its namesake lake (divided into Upper and Lower) and nearby Spring Lake, the city has over two-and-a-half square miles of water, making buying a lakehome in easy due to the abundance of lakeside property for sale. The city is as rich in history as any other town in Minnesota, as it originally developed as a resort town. Today, Prior Lake homes offer a unique blend found only in Minnesota: lake homes or houses near the beach with unparalleled natural beauty, all in a location that is still conveniently close to everywhere you need to get to.

Prior Lake Minnesota Real Estate For Sale

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Prior Lake’s rich history starts in the 1850’s when the rest of areas around and were developing into farm areas. At that time, Prior Lake was arising as a major resort destination. People from all across the United States began to build summerhouses and lake homes around the namesake lake. The beautiful lake areas attracted enough attention that eventually, when the Milwaukee and Railroad went up in the middle of the century, the resort community boomed. Beginning in the 1880’s, the historic Grainwood Hotel began to host guests from all over the world. But by the 20th century, the resort area attracted enough attention to fill the areas with residential homes. Today, with the construction and improvement of Highway 13 and the appearance of commercial areas and malls, Prior Lake gives residents all the conveniences of suburban life while still maintaining the beauty and atmosphere of the lakeside resort it once was.