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Nestled along the western edge and the banks of the Mississippi River and just a few miles south of, Inver Grove Heights is a wonderful place to buy a in Minnesota. A wonderful schooling system, a variety of recreational outlets and parks, an impressive options of entertainment, and proximity to downtown and make buying a in a wonderful decision for anyone looking to buy a in the Twin Cities suburbs.

Inver Grove Minnesota Real Estate For Sale

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One of the best reasons to buy a in is its location. At Coldwell Banker Real Estate, we know the phrase “location, location, location,” while perhaps overstated at times, still rings true for those looking to buy a in the suburbs. Inver Grove Heights has an ideal location: in addition to its beautiful location along the banks of the Mississippi River, Inver Grove Heights is to a number of lakes and ponds. In total, the city has over 1.5 square miles of lake and river area in its total area, making buying a Minnesota lake and buying riverfront property easy and simple. On top of that, the suburb is the perfect distance from the city: it’s far enough to secure safety, quiet, and relaxation to homebuyers, but not so far that getting into the city is a chore. At just nine miles from, a quick drive into the city opens up a world of excitement, as well as a large number of employment options.

Not that you’d need to get outside of to have some fun. Inver Grove Heights is to a number of recreational outlets, including 18 city parks. Each park has a number of amenities, from Frisbee golf courses to actual golf courses, and from tennis courts to skating rinks. The Park and Recreation Department also offers fishing piers and locations for those interested in taking some time off to fish.