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Farmington, as its name suggests, was founded as a humble, peaceful, largely rural community on the southern fringe of the-St. Paul metro area. Today, the city is a largely residential area. Though today the city has a lot going on, from festivals and fairs to the construction of new parks every year, it still maintains its sense of history, its rural feel, and small-town charm. Great schools, great parks, and great people make for great homes, so buying a in ensures a great life for you and your family.

Farmington Minnesota Real Estate For Sale

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The city has a rich history. Originally named Dakota City after the American Indians who inhabited its area, the city came to be known as due to its proximity to the name of the city’s popular train station, which was known as the train station. In 1856, Dakota City journalist wrote of the city, “Farmington is situated on the Vermillion River, about fifteen miles from. This place is rightly named, for it looks like a village of farms. Good soil, good water, good timer and intelligent citizens is their wealth.” Irving Todd, publisher of the Conserver, recorded these observations in 1863: “Farmington seems to us to be suitably named, being a vast conglomeration of farms and farm houses. We could not but notice the thrifty look which bespoke the careful husbandman.”

In fact, it wasn’t until recently that the town developed from an entirely rural town into what it is today – an almost entirely residential area. The city is still to a number of historic sites, and it still holds on to its relaxed, rural feel and charm, but today the city is, with the exception of its downtown commercial area, almost entirely residential. Thus there are an abundance of homes, making buying a in both cheap and easy, as there is a large supply of homes for buyers to choose from.