Rental Management Real Estate Offered by Coldwell Banker

BSL can assist with managing the rental process, making the responsibilities of leasing effortless for homeowners. They understand there are other important things in life like family, friends, hobbies and work and therefore can manage the maintenance of your rental property.


First ask yourself the following:

- What is the reason for your interest in rental property management services? Maybe it’s because you have never been a landlord before and are concerned about the inconveniences like 2 a.m. phone calls. Or maybe you are relocating and will simply be too far away to maintain the property. Whatever the answer may be it’s important to identify your reasons in which you are seeking services.


- What is it that you desire from a rental property management company? Do you need someone to make sure that rent is collected or the property is in compliance with city ordinances? Do you want to ensure the property is being cared for and damages or issues that may arise are being fixed or taken care of?


- Do you have an exit strategy? Are you planning on holding onto this asset for a certain number of years and want to make sure it is in good condition at the end of that period of time? Do you want someone to analyze the market over the course of time and help advise you as to when to purchase another? These are all important questions to ask yourself.

The agents at BSL will be able to assist you with choosing the right management package for your unique needs, wants and goals. There are three different packages to choose from depending on your answers to the questions above.


OPTION 1: Funds Management Package
With this package BSL automatically, electronically drafts monthly rent from your tenants account or collects rent via drop-off or mail. When funds are received BSL deposits them directly into an account of your choosing. In the rare case that a tenant pays the rent late, BSL pursues both the rent and late fees on your behalf.


OPTION 2: Administrative Package
The funds management package as well as:

  • Document storage (leases, licenses, pre/post walkthrough checklists, property pictures, proof of insurance by both owner and tenant, maintenance and repair invoices and copies of Certificates of Rents Paid)
  • Pre and post lease walkthroughs documenting the physical condition of the property for use in reconciling security deposit refunds
  • BSL will be listed with the city as the property manager, a requirement for non 8-county area residents
  • License management (filing, updates, obtaining)
  • Year End CRP’s issued on your behalf should the process become necessary, BSL will manage the UD process, using our attorneys or one of your choosing


OPTION 3: Full Management Package
For those investment property owners who wish to retain the benefits of ownership but would prefer to limit the time, energy and focus that ownership requires, BSL offers a Full Management package. This package includes both the Administrative and Funds Management packages mentioned above as well as:

  • Emergency maintenance
  • Handyman services
  • Lockouts
  • Changeovers (paint, carpet, maintenance and cleaning to prepare the property for market or re-lease)
  • Trade services (electrical, plumbing, HVAC and others)

* Note license fees, filing fees and legal charges are not included
* All services are contracted and managed, labor/material costs are not included