Home Upgrade Real Estate Offered by Coldwell Banker

Upgrading in size, amenities and location

Upgrading to a newer, larger can be one of the most exciting purchases in your lifetime. Whatever your situation may be, whether you just started a family and you need a larger to accommodate children or whether you just received a large promotion, Travis Senenfelder and the realtors at Coldwell Banker are happy to help you upgrade to a new in Minnesota.

With the excitement that comes with upgrading to a new, and sometimes with the desire to move in as quickly as possible, homeowners often make the mistake of rushing into a new purchase decision before weighing their options, identifying their wants, goals, and priorities, and determining what the best option is for their situation. Here at Coldwell Banker, we’re more than happy to discuss your long-term financial goals and your desires and help you determine the best new for you and your family. If you’re starting a new family, consider which schools you’d like your children to attend. Where is the nearest library? Park? Daycare center? How far from work are you willing to commute? If you are upgrading to a better location, consider your priorities: would you like a on Lake? Medicine Lake? Are you interested in lake homes and lakeside at all? What neighborhood would you like to live in? Edina? Wayzata? Does that neighborhood accommodate the kind of lifestyle you wish to live and be living for the next few years?

Contact Travis Senenfelder today, and we’ll help you narrow down your goals, your wishes, and your priorities, and we’ll help you find the property and that is best for you. As specialists in the and Twin Cities area, with Travis Senenfelder and Coldwell Banker, buying a and upgrading to a better in Minnesota can be exciting, simple, and perfectly suited to your desires. Contact Travis Senenfelder today—we’ll help you find and buy a with the look, feel, layout, and location you desire most for the best deal possible.

Start your search today.