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Buying a can be stressful. With Travis Senenfelder and Coldwell Banker, it doesn’t have to be.

Home Buyer Tips

Buying a can be a huge undertaking. Whether you are buying a for the first time or upgrading to a luxury, you’ll want to choose the right agent—one that will find you the best property, facilitate the buying process, and negotiate the best deal. As a qualified, professional with over 10 years of experience, Travis Senenfelder understands the challenges and concerns of buyers and will assist you in finding, securing, and buying the very best for you. With Travis Senenfelder and Coldwell Banker, buying a in the area can be not only painless, but also exciting. Below you will find some helpful buyer tips.

Choose the right agent.

Buying a is a big event in one’s life, so be sure to select the very best agent for the job. Travis Senenfelder has over 10 years of experience of buying and selling homes in Minnesota, and knows the challenges and details of the business. When buying a in Minnesota, you will want to choose an agent with meticulous attention to detail and strong contract negotiation skills—skills that Travis Senenfelder prides himself on. Whether you are buying a in Minnesota for the first time, upsizing or downsizing, expanding your investment portfolio, or building your dream, and whether you’re looking to buy a in, Edina, Plymouth, Chanhassen, Minnetonka, Wayzata, Chaska, or anywhere else in the area, Travis Senenfelder and Coldwell Banker know how to accommodate your interests and how to buy the very best for you.

Find the right in Minnesota.

What sort of lifestyle do you want your new to accommodate? Do you want to buy a near Lake, near, Excelsior, Mound, or? Do you want to buy a near any of Minnesota’s other lakes, like in or Lake Calhoun near Uptown and? Do you want a near parks and trails? Do you want to buy a near the excitement of or do you want to buy a in the peaceful seclusion of the outer suburbs? Do you want to buy a small town or large luxury? Once Travis Senenfelder has helped you determine your priorities, Coldwell Banker can help you determine what you can afford and can help you explore your possibilities. With access to an extensive listing and a comprehensive knowledge of the area, Travis Senenfelder can help you find the right, whether you’re looking to buy a in or you’re looking to buy a on Lake.

Securing the best deal

Once Travis Senenfelder and Coldwell Banker has helped you find the right, they can help you secure the best deal while buying your new. Once you have the right selected, Travis Senenfelder will help you present the best offer to the seller with earnest money to secure the contract, a written purchase agreement, and a loan pre-approval letter. Then, once you are completely happy with your purchase agreement, Travis Senenfelder will help you close the deal. After providing the down payment and other applicable closing fees, Coldwell Banker will swim through the final paperwork and help the final signings. The deed and mortgage are then registered by the state of Minnesota’s Registry of Deeds, and you will then own your new! Buyer Tips

Why should I buy a?

It’s perfectly normal to have some reservations about buying a new—without the right agent, the process can seem overwhelming. But here at Coldwell Banker, we know from the countless referrals of our clients that the benefits of owning a new often outweigh the costs. Those buying a for the first time will experience the pride of ownership, as well as the freedom, stability, and security of ownership. Those upsizing or downsizing or buying investment property will similarly experience the satisfaction and excitement of finding the right fit for their long-term goals. But satisfaction and excitement aren’t the only reasons, of course. Buying a is making a investment—and a very strong one, too. While the market has recently been turbulent, throughout the history of, properties have always, on average, appreciated. In addition to the appreciation on your, you can also enjoy the mortgage interest deductions and property tax deductions on your tax returns. You will be able to build equity and make equity loans. As you can see, the list of benefits goes on, from emotional satisfaction to preferential tax treatment and capital gain exclusion, but the most important reason is to make you, the client, happier. Here at Coldwell Banker we’ll do everything we can to make that possible.

Hire a agent

With so much information readily available online, homebuyers will often ask the question, “Why should I hire a realtor at all?” They wonder if they couldn’t buy a on their own—through the Internet or through regular marketing and advertising channels without representation. Some do all right, but many more don’t. Only a professional agent can guide you through the complex process of buying a and help you avoid the common pitfalls. A agent offers professional experience and knowledge of the area and a wealth of knowledge about the rather complex process. A professional realtor like Travis Senenfelder will be able to recognize problems, avoid issues, and protect your interests from those who might not be looking for your best interest. Moreover, a realtor will know the Minnesota neighborhoods and can help you find the right location and find the right price. All this, in addition to a realtor’s knowledge of market conditions, his connection to a professional network, his trained negotiation skills, and his ability to handle all the paperwork make hiring a realtor an invaluable investment. Buying a can be stressful and overwhelming. But with Travis Senenfelder and Coldwell Banker, it doesn’t have to be.

Choose the right agent

Buying a can be a monumental undertaking in your lifetime, so be sure to select the very best agent for the job. Many available realtors are young and inexperienced, but Travis Senenfelder has over 10 years of experience of buying and selling homes in Minnesota, and knows all the challenges and details of the business. But how do you know which experienced agent to choose? One way is to check their referrals. By sampling what other customers had to say about their experience, you can cross-check what your own-buying experience might be like. Here at Coldwell Banker, we stand very proudly behind all our customer referrals—you can take a look at them here [link to referrals page].

Questions to ask your agent

Smart homebuyers will be selective when hiring realtors and agents, so be sure know the right kind of questions to ask your potential realtor. “How much experience do you have in the business” is a great question to begin with. Experienced realtors know all the tricks and are generally more adroit at handling the process, but they may not have as much time for you. Younger agents may not know as much, but they may have more time for your needs. Travis Senenfelder and the realtors at Coldwell Banker are all experienced, but that will never prevent them from giving you the attention you need to find the right. Another great question is “What is your average list-price-to-sales-price ratio?” Except in extreme seller’s markets, a great realtor should be able to negotiate a price lower than the list price, and asking that question will not only check that your realtor tracks his or her own record, but will give you a litmus to test your realtors negotiation skills. Travis Senenfelder and the realtors at Coldwell Banker pride themselves on their negotiation skills; feel free to come in and ask us about our records. Perhaps the most important question for many agents would be, “What is your specific marketing strategy for my needs?” Many realtors will simply try to sell you one of their limited listings; others will do a minimal amount of work. As a buyer, you need to know how your realtor will search for your new, how many homes you will see before you buy, how your realtor will handle multiple offers, etc. Lastly, and importantly, be sure to ask how much the realtor charges. Most fees are negotiable, but the typical agent charges 3% to represent one side of the transaction. Once you know these details, you can then move forward to more buying tips.

First-time homebuyer tips

By now, you’ve probably already weighed the benefits of buying a for the first time in Minnesota, so the first thing you should do is relax and get excited to become a homeowner. Once you’ve chosen the right realtor, begin to get an idea of the your own search parameters. With so much information available on the Internet, you can freely search hundreds of online listings and visit virtual tours—as you can right on the map on Coldwell Banker’s Buy page. If you’ve already searched listings, begin to define your goals and your priorities. What kind of do you want? What kind of neighborhood are you looking for? How close do I want to be to the near shopping center? Library? School? Park? Lake? What cities am I interested in? Inner-ring suburbs like, Golden Valley, and? Lakeshore cities, like, Wayzata, Orono, Deephaven, or? Outer-ring suburbs, like, Minnetrista, or? Understanding your priorities will help us find and secure the very best for you. But how long will it take you to actually buy a? If you know the you wish to buy and are ready and qualified to complete the transaction, the process can take a just a day or two. But finding the right can take time. Once you know your priorities, ask you agent how long it should take to buy your first. How long the process takes can vary from agent to agent, but Travis Senenfelder and the agents at Coldwell Banker are committed to finding your new and completing your purchase as quickly as you are comfortable with. But once you are ready and qualified to buy your new, completing the transaction normally takes less than a week—sometimes as short as a single day. Once you begin touring and visiting homes, remember to keep your eyes open. Bring a notebook and camera to take details of each, with their pros and cons. Take extensive notes of unusual features, such as colors and design. Also notice the surrounding area outside the—is it near a park? Or is it near a power plant? How close are the homes in the neighborhood to each other? Are they similar in structure? Also be sure to determine the market details of the. How long has the been on the market? Why is the being sold? What is the list price, and has it ever been lowered? Is the price comparable to the other homes in the neighborhood? What is the required down payment? If all this information and all these questions seem overwhelming, consider them the key to finding your dream for the best price possible. Coldwell Banker and Travis Senenfelder are here to help you evaluate the homes you view and select the ones you might like best. Once you have a or short list of homes in mind, Coldwell Banker will help you make an offer to buy the and explain the details of the financing and the down payment, as well as a move-in date and the other details. And as the sale closes, you will be the proud owner of your first!