First Time Home Buyers Real Estate Offered by Coldwell Banker

Buying a for the first time is can be an enormous undertaking—and with that undertaking comes a lot of excitement, but also sometimes a lot of anxiety.

By now, you’ve probably already weighed the benefits of buying a for the first time in Minnesota, so the first thing you should do is relax and get excited to become a homeowner. Once you’ve chosen the right realtor, begin to narrow down your priorities. With so much information available on the Internet, you can freely search hundreds of online listings and visit virtual tours—as you can right on the map on Coldwell Banker’s Buy page. If you’ve already searched listings, begin to define your goals and your priorities. What kind of do you want? What kind of neighborhood are you looking for? How close do I want to be to the near shopping center? Library? School? Park? Lake? Is there a specific city or location you’d like to live in? Would you like to live close to the city in, Edina, or would you like to live farther from the city, in, Victoria, or. Understanding your priorities will help us find and secure the very best for you.

First time homebuyers often ask, “How long will it take me to actually buy a?” If you know the you wish to buy and are ready and qualified to complete the transaction, the process can take a just a day or two. But finding the right can take time. Once you know your priorities, ask you agent how long it should take to buy your first. How long the process takes can vary from agent to agent, but Travis Senenfelder and the agents at Coldwell Banker are committed to finding your new and completing your purchase as quickly as you are comfortable with. But once you are ready and qualified to buy your new, completing the transaction normally takes less than a week—sometimes as short as a single day.

Once you begin touring and visiting homes, remember to keep your eyes open. Bring a notebook and camera to take details—note each’s pros and cons. Take extensive notes of unusual features, such as colors and design. Also notice the surrounding area outside the—is it near a park? Or is it near a power plant? What neighborhood is it in? Is it by Lake? Is it close to? How close are the homes in the neighborhood to each other? Are they similar in structure? Also be sure to determine the market details of the. How long has the been on the market? Why is the being sold? What is the list price, and has it ever been lowered? Is the price comparable to the other homes in the neighborhood? What is the required down payment?

If all this information and all these questions seem overwhelming, consider them the key to finding your dream for the best price possible. Coldwell Banker and Travis Senenfelder are here to help you evaluate the homes you view and select the ones you might like best. Once you have a or short list of homes in mind, Coldwell Banker will help you make an offer to buy the and explain the details of the financing and the down payment, as well as a move-in date and the other details. And as the sale closes, you will be the proud owner of your first!

Start your search today.