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If you love the water, Shoreview might be the very best place for you to buy a or in all of Minnesota. As it’s name suggests, the city is to miles of shoreline on seven major lakes. The city is a smaller town of just over ten square miles, and is conveniently just a 20-minute drive from downtown or. With great lakes, great schools, great parks, tons to do, and a great community, Shoreview is an amazing place in Minnesota to purchase a.

Shoreview Minnesota Real Estate For Sale

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Perhaps the best reason to buy a in is its lakes. Shoreview is to seven total lakes, making it an easy place to buy a lakehome or to buy lakeside property. Those who may not be looking to purchase a lakehome will still be able to enjoy the city’s three public beaches. Swimmers who buy a in will always have a place to swim; fishermen and women who buy a in will always have a pier or lake to go swimming. And even if swimming or fishing isn’t your thing, you’ll always be able to enjoy a family picnic at the beach or the scenic views of the lakes on your drives around the city. The lakes certainly give its most distinguishing characteristic.

But the lakes aren’t the only reason to buy a in. Shoreview is to two outstanding public school districts. Shoreview is served by the Area School District (Independent School District 623) and Public Schools (ISD 621). Both districts are two of the largest districts in Minnesota, and as such, they enjoy a wide diversity of educational offerings, from the Area Learning Center to the alternative school for struggling students. Both gifted A students and those who have some trouble will be able to be educated at their own pace by great teachers. Others can enjoy immersion programs to learn another language or take advantage of any of the other public school options. Lakeview is also to St. Odilia School, a private, parochial Catholic school offering a religious education in addition to standard grade school and middle school education. So those who buy a in have almost endless options for educating their children.