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If you’re looking for small-town charm in a welcoming community where everyone knows your name, look no further than. Located right between and about 25 minutes from downtown, Osseo is a teensy-tiny suburb in comparison to other cities in the area. While other communities can boast thousands of acres and over 50 square miles of total city area, Osseo, as a small town, is just 0.8 square miles total. But what it lacks in size it makes up for in spirit – literally. There isn’t a single town in all of Minnesota that can boast of’s small town charm and togetherness. Buying a in means buying a in a tightly-knit, friendly, welcoming community that will love a new neighbor.

Osseo Minnesota Real Estate For Sale

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In a town of about 2,500 people – about 600 families – you might expect that there’s not a lot that goes on in the town. Fortunately for prospective homebuyers, you’d be wrong. Osseo hosts enough major events to rival any other suburb in Minnesota! In winter around Christmas time, residents gather together in the park to light the Christmas tree, and families bring their children to visit with Santa. Horse-drawn carriages and food and drink bring the magic and fun of Christmas to life as residents and owners enjoy the spirit. In the weeks following Labor Day, the Lions Roar festival hosts a parade, a carnival, street vendors, arts and crafts, and much more.  Throughout the summer, Osseo’s hometown Boerboom Veterans Park hosts Music in the Park – which features everything from jazz and blues to Elvis impersonators and special children’s musical events. On other days in the park, Osseo is to Movies in the Park, which features largely family-friendly movie-viewing on a big screen during weekdays in the park. And there’s much more here – a Marching Band Festival in June, a Farmers Market, and much more.