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Mounds View is one of the smallest suburbs of and, making it one of the coziest, friendliest, most welcoming places to buy a in all of Minnesota. Just 15 minutes from downtown, the city offers rest and relaxation in a friendly neighborhood but is still conveniently close to the cities. And with great schools and parks, it’s a great place to raise a family as well. Small-town charm and lots to do make a great place to purchase a and to call.

Mounds View Minnesota Real Estate For Sale

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Mounds View’s tiny size at just over four square miles gives it a lot of distinctive qualities that set it apart from other suburbs. With a population of just over 10,000, it might not be the case that every one knows everyone else, but there is certainly a special sort of small-town charm and friendliness. Along with that town spirit, the city hosts a score of community events throughout the year, from the Festival in the Park – a giant celebration with parades, fireworks, crafts, contests, and more – to simple things like live music in the park. These events tie the community together, and they give residents who just purchased a in to join the community.

But the community events aren’t all that’s going on in. Those who buy a in will be happy to know that even though the city is one of the smallest suburbs of, it is still to a large, clean movie theater. But the entertainment doesn’t stop at the movie theatre – there are nearby bowling alleys, golf courses, live theatres, bars, and more. The city is to dozens and dozens of shops and restaurants. Besides all this, all the excitement and nightlight of downtown is under 20 minutes away from any home. All the restaurants, bars, concerts, shopping, nightlife, and employment opportunities of and are within easy reach of any resident.