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Fridley is without a doubt one of the very best place to buy a or and live in all of Minnesota. Nestled ideally on the east banks of the Mississippi River, home to a number of lakes, with more parks per square mile than almost any other suburb, with outstanding schools, with tons of things going on in the city from festivals and parades to farmers markets, and with its own shopping mall, hundreds of restaurants and shops, and tons to do, it’s hard to beat. Only a few miles from downtown and, buying a or in means a bright future for you and your family.

Fridley Minnesota For Sale

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One of the main reasons buying a in is always a smart choice is its location. As a agency, we at Coldwell Banker know that the maxim “location, location, location” rings true, and we also know that it’s hard to beat property right alongside the Mississippi River. But if riverside property weren’t enough to attract homebuyers, Fridley is also to a large host of lakes, making it’s total city area almost 10% water. Whether you want to buy the lake or lake of your dreams or have a beautiful vista of the river from your’s windows, Fridley give you the opportunity.

But there’s more to’s beauty than just the water. Fridley is to 38 parks, almost as much as city’s five times its size. So even if you don’t buy that dream lake or riverfront property, you’ll always be able to enjoy’s lakes with a quick trip to one of’s beaches. And besides the beaches, you can enjoy any of the nearby tennis courts, basketball courts, baseball fields, playgrounds, trails, skating rinks, and much more, all within walking distance of any home. That is the advantage of buying a in a city with four parks per square mile.