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The hometown motto of is “Where family and community are number one!” It’s certainly an appropriate motto in this small community: Nationally recognized schools and abundant parkland make a great place to buy a and raise a family. And the city’s small size – not even six square miles – enables its strong sense of community and small town charm. On top of that, Crystal’s proximity to the city and all the entertainment venues in itself make a great spot for fun. Buying a in means great parks, great schools, and lots to do, but most of all, it means a wonderful community.

Crystal Minnesota Real Estate For Sale

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That wonderful community hosts a ton of fun events throughout the year. As a result, Crystal can truly brand itself as a small town with charm and a pervasive sense of community. Crystal, with its small size, can and does promote its sense of community and friendliness through hosting fun events throughout the year for all its residents of all ages. From fireworks to farmers markets, from music in the park to water park events, Crystal hosts events all the time to make those who just recently bought a in feel at. At the end of July, Crystal Frolics features a gigantic fireworks show, a parade, a classic car show, live music, a Ball, a carnival with rides and games, and much, much more! Throughout the summer, Becker Park hosts live music in the park and family-friendly movies in the park. In the winter, sledding events and visits with Santa bring residents and homeowners together. Whatever the time of year, Crystal always has something fun going on.

Of course, Crystal’s community events aren’t the only things going on. Those who purchase a in will be happy to find out that even for such a small town, there’s a ton of things to do in the area. Hundreds of shops and restaurants in the area will satisfy diverse tastes. Dine-in movie theatres, bowling alleys, water parks, and live theatres all give residents a great way to spend an evening.

And if that’s not enough, the five-square-mile-city is to a whopping total of 26 parks. In light of the city’s small size it’s a very large number of parks. In fact, it’s more parks per square mile than almost any other suburb of Minneaplis or! So wherever you buy a in, you’re likely to be just a couple blocks from the nearest park. Playgrounds, picnics, pick-up basketball games or tennis matches, and biking and running are all conveniently close to your!