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Columbia Heights offers an almost unimaginable combination of ideal characteristics. It has a beautiful location right on the east banks of the Mississippi River and is to a major recreational lake with a public beach. It is a very small town and maintains its charm and friendliness. As a first-ring suburb, it’s conveniently close to downtown, yet still offers plenty to do in the city itself. On top of that, it’s to a wonderful variety of outstanding schools. Columbia Heights is a great location to buy a, with its river and lakes; it’s a great place to raise a family, with its parks and schools; and it’s a great place to have fun. That unique combination makes an ideal place to buy a or for almost anyone.

Columbia Heights Minnesota Real Estate For Sale

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It’s hard to beat’ location. As a first-ring suburb of, residents can regularly find employment in the city and still enjoy a short commute. All the restaurants, sports venues, concerts, nightlife, and shopping of and are just one city over.

But the key to Columbia Height’s awesome location isn’t just its convenience; it’s its beauty as well. It’s hard to beat a on the banks of the Mississippi River or near a major recreational lake. Residents can easily find riverfront or riverside property and can even buy a lakehome on. And even if you aren’t in the market for a dream lakehome right next to, you can always enjoy the public beach for swimming or fishing. At Coldwell Banker Real Estate, we know that the old adage “location, location, location” still holds true today, and it’s hard to beat a location with such a combination of convenience and as beauty like Columbia Height’s location.

But luckily for those who purchase a in, the advantages don’t end there. Columbia Heights is also a fantastic place to raise a family. Columbia Heights Public Schools, the local public schools district serving the city, offers a close-knit community with the opportunities of a large district. And in addition to the public schools, Columbia Heights is to two private schools, a Catholic K-8 school and a Montessori preschool, and a science-oriented charter school. The educational options make sure that every student can excel in their area of interest.