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Circle Pines is one of the smallest communities and suburbs of and. At two total square miles and just over 1,000 families, you can’t get a more authentic small town charm than. A genuinely friendly, charming community in a small town atmosphere makes every person who buys a new in feel right at. The scenic lakes in the area and trees and prairies make each a beautiful place to live. The abundant parkland (despite the city’s small size) makes recreation easy and convenient. And the great schools make it a great place to raise a family. If you’re looking to join a welcoming and friendly community when you buy a, Circle Pines is the charming small town for you.

Circle Pines Minnesota Real Estate For Sale

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If you’re an avid swimmer or fisherman, or if you love the scenic views from an abundance of lakes on your daily commute, Circle Pines is the ideal location for you. Lakes, ponds, streams, and creeks make up over 10% of total area. All in all, the city is to five large lakes, many of which being available for recreational use. A number of other large recreational lakes are just a few miles away in or. Even if you aren’t looking to buy private lakefront property in, you can always enjoy a picnic at the public beach or fishing at a public pier. Wintertime allows for ice fishing and ice-skating on the lake. And year round, the lakes are a beautiful and scenic addition to any backyard. At Coldwell Banker Real Estate, we know that the old adage “location, location, location” still holds true today, and it’s hard to beat a location like.

But a scenic location isn’t the only thing that houses and homes have to offer; the city is full of park space. Despite’ tiny size, the city still manages to maintain nine city and community parks in the city. Considering that the city is only two square miles large, and that a third of the city’s geography is comprised of wetlands, that is an extraordinary abundance of parks. With all those parks, we at Coldwell Banker Real Estate can virtually guarantee that wherever you buy a in, that is sure to be within walking distance of a local park. Residents can enjoy the nearby playgrounds, ballfields, basketball and tennis courts, beaches, skating rinks, and biking paths. So not only are there a host of lakes within walking distance of homes; there’s a host of parks within walking distance as well.