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Brooklyn Park is one of the most popular places to buy a in the Twin Cities – literally. The city is the second most popular suburb of and. But why? What makes so many people want to go buy a or or buy property in, Minnesota?

For starters, Brooklyn Park is a great place to purchase a because it’s a great place to raise a family. The city is to almost 2,000 acres of recreational parkland and is also to a whopping total of 63 city parks. That means that for every square mile of land in, there are 2.5 parks and 70 acres of parkland. So wherever you buy a in, you know that there is at least one, if not many, nearby parks. Beaches and basketball courts, as well as skating rinks and tennis courts, and wintertime outdoor skating rinks and playgrounds, and a host of other recreational amenities are just a stone’s throw from any house or.

Brooklyn Park Minnesota Real Estate For Sale

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On top of all those parks, Brooklyn Park is to some of the best schools in the Twin Cities. One of the advantages of living in a more populous suburb is that residents get a wider variety of schools; hardly any suburb in Minnesota can beat the three public school districts in. The award-winning Area Schools District online features special programs for those interested in the arts or in the sciences. The-Hennepin District has engineering programsm special needs programs, and programs for gifted students. Robbinsdale Area Schools holds the prestige of having both its high schools featured in Newsweek as some of America’s top schools. Between the three school districts, Brooklyn Park residents have their choice of almost 100 public schools near the city, with every one of them offering a great education. And as if that weren’t enough, the city is also to a handful of private, religious schools, offering interested parents a religious education for their children. And to top it all off, Brooklyn Park is the of three colleges. So picky parents love to choose as their, for its great schools and for its great parks.