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You might not expect that there’s not a lot going on in this tiny northern suburb of and, but is one of the most vibrant, exciting communities in all of Minnesota. With tons of shops and restaurants and things to do in the area, as well as a number of year-round community events (including the world famous two-week-long Halloween celebration that makes the Halloween capital of the world), there is always something fun going on in this incredible community. Those who buy a in can enjoy all this and much more – scenic views of the river, 30 parks, beaches, lakes, and much more. For those interested in buying a in Minnesota, Anoka is the perfect combination of beautiful location and endless fun.

Anoka Minnesota Real Estate For Sale

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Anoka’s location is the envy of most cities in Minnesota. Nestled right on the banks of the Mississippi River, with the Rum river and a number of creeks and tributaries running through the area, Anoka is a scenic river city. Those looking to purchase riverfront property will have a huge number of options in. Those looking to buy a lake or to purchase a near the lake or the public beach will also have a bunch of options with’s three or more lakes. And everyone will enjoy the scenic river views and lakes in the area. At Coldwell Banker Real Estate, we know the old adage “location, location, location” rings true, and we know buying a in a location as beautiful as’s is always a great choice.

But there’s much more to than its ideal riverside location. After all, there are a number of cities in the Twin Cities and in Minnesota that can boast being on the Mississippi River (or a number of other rivers) and can boast being to a number of lakes. But only can boast U.S. Congressional recognition for being the Halloween capital of the world. Anoka’s two-week-long festival involves everything from formal balls to block parties, from pumpkin carving to costume contests, from a number of different parades to haunted houses. This is one event you won’t want to miss. And it’s not the only event going on in. The city hosts a huge variety of events, from farmers markets to fireworks. There are arts and crafts festivals, live music shows all throughout the year, and so much more. Anoka is one of the most exciting, vibrant communities in which to buy a in all of Minnesota.