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From apartments, to townhomes, to luxurious estates, Woodbury offers a variety of, all in the beautiful St. Croix River Valley. With over 120 miles of trails for running and biking and over 3,000 acres of publically dedicated parkland, residents enjoy a wide variety of recreational opportunities in addition to their housing opportunities. Those opportunities, in combination with’s convenient and beautiful location, as well as’s robust economy and many employers, make a great place to look at for those looking to purchase a in the suburbs of and.

Woodbury Minnesota Real Estate For Sale

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Woodbury largely consists of hilly land between the Mississippi River and the St. Croix River. Thus much of the city land lies within the watershed of Valley Creek, a trout stream. In addition to these river areas, the city is to a number of small lakes, including lake Powers, Lake Wilmes, Colby Lake, Carver Lake and Battle Creek Lake. So homeowners have an abundance of natural beauty near their, whether they live on or near either of the city’s two rivers or whether they own lakeside property along one of the city’s many lakes.

Woodbury’s beautiful river valley geography enables its rich recreational opportunities. The city’s 3,000+ acres of parkland are spread out over 45 parks, each of which features its own unique recreational experience. Three parks encircle the Colby, Wilmes and Powers lakes, and Central Park offers indoor recreation. Other parks offer sports fields, including the Bielenberg Sports Center, which is to several softball and baseball fields as well as soccer fields, football fields, volleyball courts and an ice arena. The city’s 45 parks are largely connected by the nature trails that run throughout the city for over 120 miles. Some trails are paved for easy biking and jogging, other give beautiful woodland walks through the city’s lakes and riverside valleys. All this, in addition to the city’s golf courses and community events – parades, carnivals, live music and more are held in throughout the year – make buying a in a wonderful choice for recreation.