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Writers from all across America have written about the beauty of, from Mark Twain in his Life on the Mississippi to F. Scott Fitzgerald in his Winter Dreams. The town has grown from a beautiful lakeside resort in the early 19th century to an exciting suburb with a rich history in an extraordinary area, making a wonderful town to call.

White Bear Lake Minnesota Real Estate For Sale

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What makes so special – so special that America’s most famous writers have been drawn to write about it? For starters, the town has a rich history. In 1868, with the construction of the Lake Superior and Mississippi Railroad, White Bear Lake transformed from a small settlement to a bustling resort town. The town became to dancing pavilions, bowling alleys, boating events, elegant ballrooms and more. Soon the beautiful northern area and clear lakes brought permanent residents and homeowners, as cottages and cabins turned into lifelong homes. Soon, the town transformed from a beautiful resort area to a wonderful residential area, featuring a gentle peacefulness along beautiful Minnesota lakes. Today, the town maintains its beautiful lakeside environment and adds to it a small town charm, exciting opportunities and suburban conveniences.