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West St Paul is a small, first-ring suburb that combines a big-city bustle –  its 19,000 person population in its five total square mile area are employed at over 600 city businesses – with a small town pleasantness – despite its very small size, the city is to fifteen total parks. That unique combination of big city excitement and small town charm makes buying a in West St Paul a great idea for anyone looking to purchase a in St Paul and or any of the Twin Cities suburbs.

West St Paul Minnesota Real Estate For Sale

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As a first-ring suburb bordering right on St Paul and the Twin Cities, any West St Paul offers a short commute into downtown St Paul and downtown for the excitement of the city – bars, restaurants, theatres, concerts and more are all just a short drive away. Despite its name, West St Paul is just south of St Paul, Minnesota; the “west” of West St Paul comes from its location on the west bank of the Mississippi River. Nonetheless, the commute into the city – for excitement and entertainment or for employment – is just a stone’s throw away from any West St Paul.

Of course, those seeking employment don’t need to look into St Paul and: there are a large number of jobs available in West St Paul itself. The city, with over businesses, features a robust economy and a number of jobs in every kind of industry. Though the majority of West St Paul’s businesses are small, a number of them, including Tapemark (a medical adhesives manufacturer) the Dakota County Government (as the city is to the Northern Dakota County Service Center and Courthouse) and the local schooling district employ over 300 employees each. Those businesses, in conjunction with the other 600 businesses in the city and the major businesses in nearby and, give every in West St Paul the atmosphere of successful business and a flourishing economy.