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Vadnais Heights is a quaint, small suburb northeast of. If you’re looking to buy a or, Vadnais heights is a wonderful place to do it – the suburb offers over 100 acres of parkland across fourteen parks, a full square mile of water comprising 15% of the city’s total area, a pleasant atmosphere and friendly residents.

Vadnais Heights Minnesota Real Estate For Sale

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Of course, you could say that about a lot of Minnesota homes and and Suburbs. What distinguishes from the rest of suburbs is it’s beautiful location. For a small town of eight total square miles, 100 acres of parkland spread out through fourteen separate parks is a lot of recreational space, whether a homeowner is interested in playground equipment for their kids, athletic fields for sporting events, nature areas for biking and jogging or open spaces for picnics and outings. The city’s parkland affords ice skating rinks for pleasure skating as well as for hockey players in addition to its basketball, volleyball, baseball/softball and soccer fields. Vadnais Heights homes are surrounded by miles of walking trails that run through the city’s parks, lakes and wetlands.

The city also offers a number of community services, from adult sporting leagues and youth programs to senior programs and special city celebrations. In its relatively small space, Vadnais Heights packs more parkland per square mile than almost any other suburb in the entire Twin Cities, making buying a in a great place for recreation and making the city a beautiful place to call.