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Located right next to the Twin Cities, North has a historic, small town charm. North strikes a unique balance between urban excitement and peaceful residential and recreational areas. Homeowners looking to buy a Twin Cities will find all kinds of variety in, from lakeside and lakefront homes to large ranch-style homes to Victorian homes and downtown flats – North has something for everyone, wrapped up in its exciting urban environment.

As its name suggests, North is right near the boundaries of and. But as its own city, North has a character all its own, marked by its unique history and thriving commercial and industrial economy. The town was first founded in 1870 as a transport hub for the grain industries and riverside commercial areas that were developing along the Mississippi River. As and developed, so too did, and today, the city still maintains its historic downtown area. The city’s brick storefronts distinguish it and give it a feeling all its own, differentiating the city from the rest of the urban sprawl.

North St Paul Minnesota Real Estate For Sale

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Thus has a rich history of a strong economy. Today, North is to hundreds of businesses and is connected to the rich, varied economy of and the Twin Cities. Finding a job is easy in, as the town has a number of entrepreneurs and corporations, ranging from insurance companies, legal services, financial services, health services and more. Residents enjoy the local shopping stores as well as the many, varied restaurants.

Although is an urban town in close proximity to and homes, the city offers its residents and homeowners a number of recreational opportunities. The community center offers fitness classes, cardio and strength training equipment, access to personal trainers and more. The city, despite being a small urban town, offers three major parks and the Southwood nature preserve.