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Mendota and are two high quality, historic first-ring suburbs with a small town feel. Nestled between the Mississippi River and the Minnesota River, the cities offer more than just urban excitement; they offer a beautiful location and a variety of amenities. At just over 10 square miles, the two suburbs maintain a distinct small-town charm that combines with their history to give Mendota and homes and houses an idiosyncratic allure.

The city of Mendota itself is one of the smallest towns in America, being only 0.2 square miles in total. The city is distinguished from to make the distinction between the general suburb and the historic district, which Mendota comprises. Founded at the same time as Fort Snelling, the first American outpost in Minnesota, Mendota is the proud to historic homes and the oldest church in the state of Minnesota.

Mendota Heights Minnesota Real Estate For Sale

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Mendota Heights wraps around the city of Mendota to form a first-ring suburb bordering on the southeast edge of. As first ring suburbs, Mendota and offers comfortable homes with close access to the city of, including access to its bustling economy, its variety of restaurants, its shopping, its entertainment, its music and more.

Of course, Mendota and have plenty to offer of their own accord besides being close to the excitement of. To quote the city government,  “The community has preserved an abundance of parks and open spaces, encourages spacious residential development, and has planned for diversified, high technology offices and business areas. Excellent schools and a well-educated populace complement the traditional but progressive character of the City. Civic pride and aesthetic excellence are high priorities in.”