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Home of 3M, St. John’s Hospital and the Mall, Maplewood is a bustling first-ring suburb wrapping right along the northeastern edge of. With a beautiful location near many of Minnesota’s beautiful lakes, outstanding recreational opportunities, a thriving business community and an excellent school system, Maplewood is a fantastic place to call.

Located in the heart of the metropolitan area, Maplewood homes offer the very best of community living. With 29 total parks, Maplewood offers nearby parks to every homeowner in the city. Each park offering a unique recreational experience, from beautiful lakeside picnic areas to children’s play areas to hockey rinks to sports fields – baseball/softball, basketball, etc. In the winter, some parks open up their warming and their winter skating area, giving families the opportunity for winter recreation right by their homes. In addition to its parks, the city of also offers beautiful trails for many miles throughout the city for runners, joggers and bikers.

Maplewood Minnesota Real Estate For Sale

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But recreation in isn’t limited to just its park and trails systems. The city offers adult athletics in softball, volleyball and archery; youth athletics in basketball, gymnastics and archery, and a number of programs for seniors. The city offers classes, lessons and programs in art, dance, music and more. Maplewood is also to a number of community events for youth and adults and families alike, and homeowners and residents frequently enjoy the opportunities afforded by nearby.

Maplewood is also to a number of outstanding businesses. 3M, one of the United States’ largest corporations, as a Fortune 100 company, has its corporate headquarters and main campus in. As previously mentioned, the city is also to one of Minnesota’s great hospitals, the St. John’s hospital. The mall is to over 130 businesses and stores and services and is anchored by Macy’s, Sears, Kohl’s and JC Penny. In addition to the mall, Maplewood is also to a number of small businesses in all sorts of industries. Thus finding a job in is rather easy, whether through one of the many businesses at the mall, through’s Fortune 100 company, through one of’s successful small businesses or through the many jobs afforded by the nearby cities of and.