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Lilydale is a tiny town on the Mississippi River right outside. Under a square mile in size, the town is one of the smallest in Minnesota: With a total population of just over 500 people, the town is a charmingly small community made distinct by its Mississippi location.

But what makes buying a in distinct from buying a in or a in? Lilydale, as a town right on the border with, shares much in common with its urban neighbor – indeed, by a look at a map, Lilydale seems just a small addition on the outer rim of. But as a town is very distinct from its urbanized neighbor. With a distinct identity and small town charm entirely different from and, buying one of the 300 or more houses or homes available in is much more than simply buying a Twin Cities in a small suburb.

Lilydale Minnesota Real Estate For Sale

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Perhaps’s most distinctive feature is its location. Located right on the Mississippi River, all of’s houses and homes are nestled right in the Mississippi River valley and enjoy the beautiful riverside parkland and scenery right in their backyards.

But purchasing a house or involves so much more than a beautiful backyard. Lilydale homeowners enjoy all the urban conveniences of a home while at the same time enjoying their riverside backyard. All the excitement and all the conveniences of buying and living in a home come with purchasing a home. Lilydale homeowners thus enjoy all has to offer – from the Minnesota Orchestra and the Opera to rock concerts at the Ordway, from live theater at the Guthrie to live entertainment at clubs and bars, from all the variety of restaurants around town and including all the various shopping outlets littered throughout the cities of and.

Those looking to buy a in for the purpose of raising a family will be happy to know of’s access to Minnesota’s great school system. Nearby public schools are easy to find, both in nearby and the surrounding suburbs, all just a short distance from any home. Nearby private schools are available for all interested families, and all schools exhibit academic excellence.